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    Completion of this form carries no obligation. You will receive a formal contract to consider. Upon acceptance of the contract, the following documents will be required to process your application. If you wish you can upload them now to speed up the process:
  • - Company: Certified copy of business registration (with Director names) - Closed Corporation: Certified copy of registration - Trust: Certified copy of trust formation (with member names) - Sole proprietor: Certified copy of registration
  • Copy of utility bill or another bill traceable to source that contains both physical & postal customer addresses
  • - Bank letter to confirm funds (average turnover, average balance, etc.) - Bank statements (3 months)
  • - Letter of authority from business that contact person can act on behalf of the business on the on the business letterhead alternatively just the letterhead will do.
  • - Certified copy of ID if the contact person is the Sole Proprietor, a listed director on the company, member of the trust, member of closed corporation

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